Monday, September 1, 2014

Casual Date Night

If you remember in my last post, I mentioned how I was going out to dinner and I couldn't decide on an outfit to wear and I tried on three different outfits... this was the second one! 

// Shorts: Charlotte Russe // Floral Tank & Jean Jacket: Tilly's // Boots: Target // 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black & Gold

Here is a black and gold manicure I did on my friend Kelli's nails the other day! We found the inspiration on Pinterest and just went with it. On one of her ring fingers you'll notice that I painted it black with three gold rhinestones... that was because the dumb tape kept peeling her base coat of polish off! I wanted to do the same as the thumb, with a gold base and black overtop with stripes, but I must've tried it like three times and the polish kept coming up with the tape. A little frustrating!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nothing to Wear

Lately I've found myself in the annoying mindset of "I have nothing to wear". I feel like all my clothes in my closet are old and I haven't purchased any new clothing items in quite some time. I'll go to get dressed and stare at the contents of my closet, trying to come up with new combinations of my old stuff. 

I was going out to dinner with my boyfriend the other night, and I was struggling to come up with a cute new outfit. This was one of my attempts, I ended up changing into two other outfits first before I finally decided on one! 

Oh, and what do you think of my new dark brown/ almost black hair? I've been enjoying it (: 

// Jeans: American Eagle // Lace Cami: Forever 21? // Polka Dot Tank & Necklace: Tilly's // Heels: Charlotte Russe // Bracelet: Target? // Purse: Target // 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All Gone! (8.24.14)

Up&Up Acetone: I've mentioned this before, but I only use pure acetone to take off my nail polish. Seriously, it gets it off in seconds.

B&BW Shower Gel in Sea Island Cotton: I talked about this shower gel in my July Favorites post. This scent is so fresh and clean smelling, it is my ideal scent for the hot, sweaty summer months. 

B&BW Body Lotion in Be Enchanted: It's funny how certain scents immediately bring back memories. One of my first semesters in college, I carried around a travel size of this lotion in my purse, and I would use it habitually every time after I washed my hands in the school's bathrooms. I love the scent in general, but it reminds me of my freshman year of college too (: 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer: I've gone through countless bottles of this product. It's my favorite face moisturizer, I use it every morning and every night, I've talked about it before in my other All Gone! posts, so I'm not going to be too repetitive! 

Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer: When I feel like I'm looking pale and sickly, I use this moisturizer in the morning to brighten up my face. It does give an ever-so-slight hint of color, which I find helps my tired skin look more alive. Not to mention it has SPF, so using it in the morning will guarantee that my face will be protected from the sun throughout the day. 

NARS Laguna Bronzer: I don't have anything fantastic to say about this product. It's a bronzer, so as I mentioned with the last product, it helps me look more sun-kissed and not so sickly. It gets the job done! 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Thoughts On: My Hair

(Cue Britney Spears song..) "Oops I did it again"....
I dyed my hair again (: 

Let me give you a better idea about my hair history: I had very blonde hair as a child, and as I aged, it started to darken up. It was never brown, but more of a dirty blonde, or almost "dusty" looking light brown. In elementary school and middle school, I hated my natural hair color. I think it was in 8th grade when my cousin got her first hair salon job, so my mom agreed to let me get some highlights. And that's when it started. 

It is so true what they say, it is very hard to get back to your natural hair color once you start coloring it. But I didn't/don't mind; I hate my natural hair color, ain't never going back to that! So from the time I was 14 to 20, I would go to the salon every couple/few months to get my hair highlighted. And it got pretty blonde; never platinum, but a light blonde I would say. 

Last year was my junior year of college, and I was transferring from community college to a university. I had been looking at pictures of redheads for months prior, and before school started I decided I would just go for it! It was last August that I dyed my blonde hair red. I have a post all about it HERE (: 

When I dyed my hair red, I had asked my stylist, "So what will it take if I ever want to go back to blonde?". She told me that going from red to blonde is never smart, because highlighting red hair will turn it a pinkish color. She recommended that I go to brown first, and then start the highlighting process all over again. So it was inevitable, brown hair would be in my future sometime. 

I don't really know what brought this on; I had made an appointment to get my red touched up before I go back to school tomorrow. And same as before, I had been looking at hair pictures on pinterest and found some really pretty shades of dark brown. When I went in to the salon the other day, I mentioned it to my stylist, and together we decided to just go for it! My hair is now a very dark brown/ almost black shade. In the photo above, it looks almost purple-y, but I think that was just the poor quality of my iPhone camera. 

So far, I've gotten a lot of compliments on my dark hair (: A few people have told me they even like the brown more than the red! But honestly, I've like all colors I've done. And now I can say I've done them all! Having had blonde, red, and now brown hair, I've come to realize that I am one of those people whose skin tone (luckily!) goes with most hair colors. I'm really glad about that, because that was my biggest fear in dying it red and again dying it brown, was that it would wash my skin out and I'd look pale or yellowish. 

Here I come for my senior year of college; a new year, a new me! 

Thanks for reading <3

Friday, August 22, 2014

Puppy Love

It's no secret that I am an animal lover, my two dogs are absolute favorite little friends (: If I ever go to my backyard to take outfit pictures, they always follow me outside, wanting in on the fun. So needless to say, it can be difficult to keep them out of my outfit photos! I embraced the puppy love here and took some photos of my furry friends (:

// Shorts: Charlotte Russe // Tee: Forever 21 // Sandals: ?? // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelet: Nordstrom // Rings: Silpada //Earrings: ?? // Bow: Styles for Less //

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Eye of the Tiger

I was in a bit of a nail-inspiration rut the other day before I did these. My thought process was like "Well, I could go simple with the yellow to red ombre that I like so much and stop there. Maybe some sparkles over top? Why not some stripes? Dang I actually really like this!". It went from "I have no idea what to do on my nails" to "I just made a really cute manicure" haha! Sometimes I get so frustrated when my nail art doesn't turn out, but sometimes I am absolutely in love with the result, and this was the latter (: