Monday, September 29, 2014

Until Next Time...

I thought it would be a good idea to give my blog readers and subscribers an update:

I will be taking a break from my blog.

Lately my life has been a little crazy with school and work and everything, and as much as I enjoy blogging, it has turned into more of a stress than a hobby. I find myself getting frustrated trying to put together outfits when I go out because I have that mentality of "I need to put together something new so I can blog about it". And as I mentioned before, I'm trying to save my money, and at the same time I am constantly in the frame of mind of "I have nothing to wear". I should just be able to get dressed and not worry about if I've worn that top too many times on my blog. 

I will still be keeping my blog, and I will still be checking out other peoples' blogs, because I really do love the inspiration that comes from viewing other peoples' cute outfits. I just won't be posting anything new for a while. 

So until next time everyone! 

Thanks for reading <3 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Maze Runner and Mismatched

I am always super hesitant when it comes to mixing patterns. From what I've been told, it is okay when:

-you have the same color scheme throughout the patterns
-one pattern is small and one is big

If that's the case, then this outfit works! I wore it out to the movies with my boyfriend this past week. We saw the movie The Maze Runner, which I was super excited to see because I LOVED the book. I'm curious to hear back from any of you who either read the book, saw the movie, or both, because I was kind of let down. I won't give anything away, but they left a lot out of the movie that was in the book, and even changed some parts as well. At least I liked my outfit for the evening. 

Don't you hate when your clasp is showing and no one tells you??

// Skirt: Tilly's // Shirt: Styles for Less?? // Shoes: Ross // Purse: Kohl's // Watch: Michael Kors // Necklace: Tiffany & Co. // 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Forever 21 Wishlist (Fall 2014)

Since I'm trying to be a better spender, often when I really feel like shopping, I'll create wish lists from the websites of my favorite stores instead. Here are some items from Forever 21 that I'm loving for fall! 

I have not ever owned a midi skirt, this one is simple and would go with a lot of other pieces. 

I'm looking to expand the amount of dresses in my closet. This one looks perfect for holiday parties (: 

Again with the midi length. Now that I have dark hair, I feel like red will look so much more flattering on me. 

Most of my tank tops I've had for ages. Hopefully I'll be able to replace some of them. I like the casual grey stripes with jeans here.

A simple white dress with a cute crochet hem (: 

More white! I love this neckline 

A fun piece of statement jewelry 

Again with the white! I don't own any basic, lightweight sweaters, and this looks soft and relaxed. 

Love this fun vine ring

I like how this dress bares your shoulders

I already have a black leather jacket (or fake leather, rather), and I like the idea of this brown one. 

As I'm getting older, I find that I'm really drawn to silky, lightweight, long sleeved blouses

Have I ever mentioned that I have an obsession with black, silver, and white jewelry? Those colors are my staples.

A cozy cowl-neck sweater 

I like the bright vibrant blue of this dress

I do not own a jumpsuit, and I'm picturing this one with my black leather jacket for when the weather cools down

How cute are the laser cutouts on the hem of this faux leather dress? 

I guess I'm in the mood to expand my jacket collection, because I already have a blue denim jacket and I fell in love with this grey denim one (: 

Another comfy sweater 

And another jacket... 

And another jumpsuit... 

And more white! I guess you can see the items that I'm obviously lusting after! 

What do you want to buy for the fall?  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photography Frantic

I've only been in the blogging community for a little over a year now, and one thing I struggle with is the photography element. Years back, my boyfriend and I bought an expensive camera, and it takes great pictures, but truthfully, I don't really know how to use it. My brother is the one who typically takes my pictures, and if he's not available, then my mom does, and if she's not available, then my boyfriend does. My brother knows what shots I typically ask for, however my mom is a woman so she has a better feel for the more stylized, girly shots ("wait your tag is showing", "put your hair over your shoulder", "turn your head this way", etc.)

This particular day, I wasn't really happy with any of the full-body pictures we got. But I loved how all the close-ups turned out! So I figured, what the heck, I'll share with you what I did get. 

Do you have any tips on getting the perfect pictures for your blog?

.... Plus some cute pictures of my dogs (: 

// Skirt & Tank: Target // Shoes: Ross // Necklace: Pacsun // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelets: ?? // Rings: (on ring finger) Silpada and (on pointer finger) Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival //

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Awaiting Autumn

Every fall I look forward to wearing pants and boots and sweaters in dark, autumn colors. But living in Southern California, we don't really get "fall" weather until mid-late October. This past week we had temperatures in the 100's!! Way too hot for my liking. Not to mention, we had our first fire of the season. My mom and I went out for a morning walk, the air smelled like ash, and I automatically was brought back to previous fall seasons. That can't be good, that I associate the smell of wildfire with the fall season. But it's usually this time of year that the air is dry and hot and windy, and the hills are prone to catch fire. 

// Pants: American Eagle // Tank: ?? // Shoes: Target // Pearl Necklace: Forever 21 // Gold Necklace: my grandma's // Earrings: Charlotte Russe // 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Workout Clothes Wishlist

I've mentioned in some previous posts that I switched departments at my job, and I am now a preschool teacher. But since we offer other departments such as cheer, dance, gymnastics, swimming, etc., our uniform to wear to work is more along the lines of athletic clothes. Since I am now working 6 days a week (eek!), I've been on the hunt for some new workout-style clothes that I could wear to work. Our company colors are red, white, and black, so we are required to wear those colors (along with grey). And let me tell you, I have been searching high and low all over the internet to find a pair of basic, good quality red yoga pants. It seems like all the places I looked either didn't have red, or they had more fuchsia colors, or orange-red. I wanted classic red. I thought that was a simple-enough wish list item, but I've been looking for quite some time now to no avail. 

Last night I decided to google "yoga brands" and one of the first links was titled "Yoga Brands other than Lululemon" or something along those lines, and I was like Hallelujah! The first website was for Athleta, which I had seen and heard of, but never looked into. AND THEY HAD RED YOGA PANTS! I was so excited (: They also have a ton of other cute workout clothes, so I come to you today with a wish list (: