Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All Gone! (11.27.13)

I finished up quite a few products this month! Here are my thoughts on these products: 

TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner
I cannot even remember when I bought this conditioner. Well, actually, I do remember the specific outing: my boyfriend and I went to a different Target, one that was closer to our school (HIGH SCHOOL…I'm now a junior in college…) and I bought the shampoo and the conditioner together in a set. It was a great deal because both bottles are HUGE. So needless to say, this bottle has lasted me years. Grant it, I do switch up my shampoos and conditioners, so it's not like this is the only one I've been using since senior year of high school. It makes my hair feel so silky while I'm washing it in the shower, although I wouldn't say I notice a significant difference on how it makes my hair feel when it's dry.   

Target's Up & Up Women's Shave Gel
This is just any old shaving cream. I bought this instead of Skintimate or one of the other brands because this one was a little cheaper and it ultimately does the exact same thing. The smell is a little funny for this "Baby Soft" version, but it's not unbearable. I don't notice any huge difference in the softness of my skin after I shave, other than the fact that my hair is gone. Duh. 

Lush "It's Raining Men" Shower Gel
Oh my gosh I cannot get over the smell of this body wash. I'm not usually a person who loves honey scents, but this one smells fantastic. As much as I'd like to buy this one again (and I know I will at some point in the future), I think I'll try some of the other shower gel scents by Lush next time I stop by. Does anyone have any recommendations? Snow Fairy sounds good when I was looking at the website… 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover
I've talked about this product before, and I'd say it's still my favorite eye makeup remover I've tried. I haven't tried too many, so I'm no expert, but this one gets the job done for me! 

Benefit's "They're Real" Mascara
Literally the only mascara I ever buy. And probably ever will buy. It does absolute wonders for my lashes, and mine our relatively short (of course everyone wants their lashes to be longer). So I continually go back to Ulta and fork over the cash every time I run out. 

Maybelline (?) Define a Line (?) Eyeliner 
Haha I can't even read the print on the outside of this eyeliner pencil. I'm pretty sure I stole this from my mom ages ago, and it finally ran out when I was using to paint my boyfriend's face like a skeleton for Halloween. It's super creamy and blendable, and the end has a little smudger sponge to do so.  

OPI "Black Onyx" 
This polish has seen it's better days. Now completely dried out, there is no way of getting a smooth application of this bottle anymore. This is an excellent black nail polish though, you can't go wrong with OPI. Unfortunately they did not have this color at Ulta when I went to repurchase it, so I settled for an Orly color. 

Benefit "Fake Up" Concealer 
 Just like the They're Real Mascara, this is now the only concealer I use. I get pretty bad dark circles under my eyes, and this concealer does a great job of covering them up. The creamy consistency makes it so easy to apply. 

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  1. absolutely love benefit products:) i've heard a lot of good things about the "they're real" mascara - but never tried it before:)
    lots of love xx