Saturday, November 30, 2013

Starting Christmas a Day Early

As I mentioned yesterday, my family decorates our house for Christmas the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. So today the decorations are going up, and I'm getting in the holiday spirit! One of my favorite things about the month of December is all the cute Christmas nail art I get to do (: Here's number 1! 

I saw the penguin nail art on Pinterest, and I made it my own by alternating in some white snowflakes overtop a red background. 


  1. The colors look great dear, thank you for sharing! I just became your newest follower :) Hope you can check out my blog and follow back if you want. Lemme know if you want to connect on Facebook and Twitter, I'll follow you back there as well! XOXO

    INSTAGRAM @heartofplastic

  2. I wished I would be ask skilled in nailpolishing like you, this looks so cute!

    And thank you for your pleasant comment on my blog! I checked your blog and I like it <3 Of this cause I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It would be great if you come again to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena