Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Boyfriend's Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my boyfriend's 21st birthday (hah hah I'm a month older than him! I tease him about it all the time!) and we went out to dinner with his family to his favorite restaurant in Laguna Beach. It is always freezing cold at the beach at night, so I was sure to bring along a big coat to stay warm. Without the jacket though, I felt like all I needed was a riding helmet and I looked like I could be off to go horseback riding! But I love red, black, and white; it is one of my favorite combinations for outfits. 

// Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch // White Blouse: Forever 21 // Peacoat: Forever 21 // Boots: Kohl's // Clutch: Target //


  1. You looked wonderful! Those curls look so pretty on you! :) I envy your hair!
    And I really like your red pants- they are such a great stand out piece!

  2. Love this! You look straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad!